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      I was born in Chincoteague, Virginia, to a southern man and Yankee woman from the Bronx. I guess you could say viva la difference!   I have always been creative, from making my dolls clothes  and furniture, to crafting different things and selling them to family and neighbors.  

      Writing was also a gift; I still have poetry and short stories I wrote as a kid and into college. As an adult I wrote and published "Bad Timing in Vegas", a novel, and "What Happened Here", a goth story. Both are available on Amazon.  I have several books in the works. I have also written a series of articles on my LinkedIn Profile which you can access here

        But really, art is my love. Painting, drawing, multi media creations. I love them all. I work in water color, acrylic, and have just started with oil.  My art is on my gallery page. 

       I am  a former District Court Judge who sat on the Family Court bench from 2011 -2014 and I am again practicing law. I started my career as a public defender, but soon found myself practicing primarily family law.  I have  represented thousands of people through the years in both contested and uncontested cases and have taken hundreds of cases to trial over the years. After thirty-one years of practicing law, my dream retirement is to work in a gallery, showing art and creating art. 

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