Gayle Nathan is a former District Court Judge who sat on the Family Court bench from 2011 -2014.  Gayle Nathan has been practicing law since 1988. She started her career as a public defender, but soon found herself practicing primarily family law.  She has represented thousands of people through the years in both contested and uncontested cases and has taken hundreds of cases to trial over the years. She understands the burdens that are placed on litigants when they enter into Family Court, whether or not they have an attorney.

Her two children, Maxine and Samantha, were educated in the Clark County School District. Both are attending college. Gayle has a good relationship with her daughters' father, and they often have long conversations about their children; work; politics and family. 

Gayle is dedicated and committed to serving Clark County as a judge, and looks forward to being elected to the Family Court Bench in 2020.



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